Regional Experiences

Standards and Certs

Standards and Certs was one of the best learning opportunities I’ve experienced so far at Pony Club! Our region was kind enough to bring in Debra Sue who is a national examiner and a great teacher. We started the day with a slideshow presentation that went really in depth on how and what each rating is judged on. Debra was great at explaining the same idea in multiple ways, which I found helped my understanding a lot. She went over many things such as position, the training scale, and the differences between english disciplines. We then took a lunch break with a soup fundraiser for our regional youth board. The second half of the day was really interesting, because Debra had a variety of demo riders (including myself) who she had riding while she was explaining to the audience what she as an examiner would say about them. Debra made many connections to the training scale and the test sheet while pointing out what riders were stronger and weaker at. The way the demonstration was set up made it easier to understand and make connections from the slideshow to the riding. I find that I tend to have trouble connecting what I learn about riding on the ground and then putting it together on the horse, but being able to see what Debra was talking about as she explained things made a huge difference. Overall I had a wonderful time working with and learning from Debra at Standards and Certs and will definitely be going back if we have one again next year!
-Ella Oettle’s

Mega C-Prep Weekend

The Mega C-Prep held at the Camelot Equestrian Center was amazing! We rode Saturday and Sunday with both NE Judy McHerron and NE Jennette Scanlon. Because of the quarantine, all the preps that were planned earlier in the year had been cancelled, so all three disciplines, Show Jumping, Dressage, and Cross Country, got held in the same weekend. The ride times were spaced out well so neither my horse nor I got worn out. I was a little worried, getting there, because I’m only a D-3, but I got placed in a really good group with people who are at my level, and I didn’t feel rushed or unsure of anything that was asked of me. Judy was amazing, and knew just how to fix all the little problems I’d been having. The prep helped tremendously in giving me a glimpse at what I should expect for my C-1 test, not only in the ride but also what questions I may be asked. I also had a lot of fun getting to see people I had met at Regional Camp the previous year, it was awesome getting to see so many familiar faces. Overall it was a really fun weekend and incredible learning experience. -Natalie Shippen

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